Hi! Welcome! Hey there!  This is a space for some questions I get asked a lot.  If you don't see your question answered here, please email me at CricketLaneStudio@gmail.com.
How are your products designed and created?
I write all of the script by hand, scan, clean it digitally and create the designs you see in my shop on the prints and mugs.  This isn't a font - it's my handlettering! 
Where are the mugs manufactured?
Like I said above, all of the designs in my shop are designed by yours truly.  However.. I'm just one person, running a small business out of a studio in my house.  And my house does  NOT include a big sublimation machine.  That means that all of the mugs I sell are professionally printed (in the USA!) and shipped directly from that professional printer to YOU!! 
How long will it take to receive my order? 
My turn time listed is 1-2 weeks.  This means your order will ship within two weeks and you'll receive it a few days after it ships.  In all honesty, most prints ship within 3-5 business days (Monday through Friday).   Like I said above, the mugs are professionally printed and shipped directly to you.  This means that the time it takes them to print your mug is out of my hands.  Usually, mugs ship from the printer within 3-5 days.. But this time could be a little bit longer if the printer is extra busy (or if it's close to holidays!). 
What are your return policies?
At this time, I don't accept returns because every item is printed to order.  I don't sit on a big mountain of inventory that I can just add your order back into.  That order was printed just for you!!  If your order arrives damaged, send me some photographic evidence and I will be THRILLED to replace it!  My main goal is your happiness, babe.