About Me

Cricket Lane Studio was created in 2014 as a creative outlet and I have, since then, been having the time of my life delighting customers with my quirky, funny and motivational homegoods.
I love all things pink, glittery and badass. Curse words are my love language.  I'm an obsessed dog mom to my 7 lb chihuahua mix, Nails (y'know.. like Tough As Nails).   I was born in Pittsburgh and currently reside in the Philadelphia suburbs with my wonderful husband.  Also, I want to be Mindy Kaling when I grow up (..I'm 28). 
If you have any questions (or just want to say hey girl hey), drop me a line at CricketLaneStudio@gmail.com 
Follow along on Instagram (and post pictures of your Cricket Lane Studio goodies by tagging me and hashtagging #CricketLaneStudio to get a discount on your next order!) at @CricketLaneStudio_ or www.instagram.com/cricketlanestudio_
Hey.. That's me.. probably writing some pretty curse words for you babes.