Raising some dollar dollar bills...

If you're hanging around here, reading my blog, you probably already have a good idea who I am and what Cricket Lane Studio is all about.


In case you DON'T... Lemme tell you about a little project I've been working on.  I've created a selection of mugs (which you can see HERE: from which ALL PROCEEDS (100%) are donated to Planned Parenthood.  This all started a week ago (Wednesday, 11/9).  I felt like I needed a way to help .. but I didn't know how.  So of course I created some CLS art (I mean, what else am I good for?)


When this started, I thought "wow if I could just raise $100 that would be amazing".  Well... Guess what?  As of right now, we're at almost $350 to donate.  I can't even tell you guys how excited I am. 

So if you want to help Planned Parenthood do some GOOD (you know they do so many IMPORTANT things - like cancer screenings!) and want to get some cute mugs out of it ... Maybe you should click that link above and do some shopping.  


PS - Christmas is only 39 days away and I'm SURE the Nasty Woman in your life would be thrilled to drink her favorite beverage from a mug that's helping to smash the patriarchy and helping women get the health care they desperately need.  JUST SAYIN'.. 

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